ASME Tanks

Industry leading 3-Year warranty.

Amtrol 3-Year Warranty for ASME Products

Amtrol is a worldwide leading manufacturer of ASME certified commercial tanks with a rich history of industry leadership. With best built features such as Anti-Legionella liners, heavy gauge diaphragms and bladders, deep drawn constructions that reduce physical size and weight with no volume loss, Amtrol leads the way for innovation and quality. And now, Amtrol continues that tradition with an industry leading 3-Year Limited Warranty on our ASME tanks.

Below are the ASME products that carry the new 3-Year Limited Warranty. (Applies to tanks manufactured after June 1, 2023.)
Therm-X-Trol® Tanks

ST-Series Deep Drawn Diaphragm Tanks
ST-Series Head & Shell Diaphragm Tanks
ST-C-Series Full Acceptance Bladder Tanks
ST-CL-Series Partial Acceptance Bladder Tank 

Extrol® Tanks

AX-Series Deep Drawn Diaphragm Tanks
AX-Series Head & Shell Diaphragm Tanks
L-Series Full Acceptance Bladder Tanks
LBC Series Partial Acceptance Bladder Tanks

Air Separators & Purgers

ASL Models Tangential Air Separators, Less Strainer
AS Models Tangential Air Separators, With Strainer

Air & Dirt Separators & Inline Air Purgers

ADS Models Air & Dirt Separators
Air Vents & Plain Steel Tanks

Buffer Tanks

CWBT Models Chilled Water Buffer Tanks
HWBT Models Hot Water Buffer Tanks

Suppressors Tanks

Shock Supressors
D Models Diatrol Shock Suppressors

Compression Tanks

AC Series Compression Tanks

Well-X-Trol® Tanks

WX-C-Series Deep Drawn Diaphragm Tanks
WX-C-Series Head & Shell Diaphragm Tanks
WX-C-Series Full Acceptance Bladder Tanks
WX-CL-Series Partial Acceptance Bladder Tanks

Fire Protection Tanks

FPT Models Fire-X-Trol® Sprinkler System Expansion Tanks
SPT Models Surge-Trol® Sprinkler System

What is NOT covered by the new warranty?

Commercial Accessories
Extrol Replacement Bladders
Therm-X-Trol & Well-X-Trol Replacement Bladders
Diatrol & Surge-Trol Replacement Bladders
Inline Air Purgers
High-Capacity Air Vents & Repair Kit