IMPORTANT: The AMTROL Selection Tool should be used as a general guide to sizing AMTROL products. Sizing calculations are dependent on user input and should be considered as recommendations.  All sizing selections should be verified by a licensed plumbing contractor, qualified project manager or facility engineer before purchase and or installation.

Well Tank Sizing
Residential Commercial
Pump Flow Rate GPM (Range 1-30)
Desired Pump Runtime Minutes (Range 1-4)
Cut-In Pressure PSI (Range 20-120)
Cut-Out Pressure PSI (Range 21-125; Must be greater than Cut-In)

Recommended Models:

Thermal Expansion Tank Sizing
Residential Commercial
Water Heater Size Gallons
Approx. Temp Setting °F
Approx City Pressure
Domestic Hot Water Volume Gallons (Range: 10 - 10,000)
Water Heater Temperature °F
Relief Pressure PSI
Supply Pressure PSI

Recommended Models:

Hydronic Expansion Tank Sizing
Residential Commercial
Boiler Net Output:


Type of Radiation:

Total System Volume Gallons (Range: 10 - 20,000)
Min Operating Temp °F
Max Operating Temp °F
Antifreeze (Glycol) % Concentration
Min Operating Pressure PSI (Range: 5 - 200)
Max Operating Pressure PSI (Range: 10 - 300)

Recommended Model:


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