Below are links to various websites and pdf files for Amtrol’s Certifications.

ASSE – Shock Suppressors

ASME Certificate – The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

CE Mark – European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

DOT – Well Tanks and Thermal Expansion Tanks

Factory Mutual (FM) Approval – Fire-X-Trol and Surge-Trol

IAPMO – CA and VT Lead Plumbing Law, Potable Water Products

ISO Certificate – Quality Management Certification

National Board Certificate – ASME code vessels

NSF Std 58 – Reverse Osmosis Tanks

NSF Std 61 – Well Tanks and Thermal Expansion Tanks

NSF Std 61 – Bladders, ASME Well and Thermal Expansion Tankss

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – SDS sheets

State of MA – Hot Water Makers, Well Tanks, Thermal Expansion Tanks and Pressurisers

Transport Canada – Cylinders, Well Tanks and Thermal Expansion Tanks

UL – Electronic Controls, Fire-X-Trol and Surge-Trol

Water Systems Council – Well Tanks