Education Center

The Amtrol® Center For Education

The AMTROL Center in West Warwick, RI is at the heart of AMTROL’s commitment to education.

The AMTROL Center has as its established purpose to provide an industry-wide forum for the development, collection and dissemination of information involved in the development, installation and servicing of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water systems.

Its goals at the AMTROL Center and at convenient locations around the country, is to teach the basic principles and fundamentals that directly affect component and system performance so as to:

  • Help architects and engineers upgrade their technical abilities in the design of hydronic heating, plumbing, water treatment and water supply systems;
  • Help contractors who install, operate and service these systems to sharpen their installation and maintenance skills;
  • Provide educational support for AMTROL Technical Service, Applications Engineering and Field Sales Representative and its Wholesale Customers so that they may provide the highest caliber of assistance to those who design, specify, install and maintain these system;
  • Help all its customers expand the professional image and marketing capability they need to gain and satisfy their customers.
  • Maintain a direct pipeline with contractors to obtain the feedback needed to better engineer tomorrow’s components and systems.